Bank & Finance Build-Outs


Build outs for banks and other financial institutions are delicate and extremely important construction jobs that require serious planning and experience, timely scheduling and execution, and oftentimes high level confidentiality. Whether you are building a brand new bank building, retrofitting a building that used to house a different type of business, or renovating your bank in order to create a more modern look for your customers, Per-Max Construction and Remodeling has the experience to help you create the perfect space. We work to maximize your space in order to create a great workflow that’s topped off with the perfect finished look, while taking the all-important subjects of customer service and security into account. We also work with our clients to create walkways and offices in ways that will help increase employee efficiency without compromising the security of your assets.

And best of all, our team’s experience and acumen will allow us to get the build out of your bank or financial institution done quickly, but without compromising any of the things you want or need.