Hospitality Remodeling

At Per-Max Construction and Remodeling, we specialize in carrying out many different types of hospitality remodeling projects. Whether it is the build out or renovation of hotels, time-shares, restaurants, or other public spaces, we work with our clients to implement plans that will leave your customers satisfied and amazed.

Our team has experience handling the initial building and retrofit of such items as: interior furnishings, commercial lighting, shelving systems, room configurations, bathrooms/restrooms, flooring, carpeting, cabinetry, mirrors, and even artwork. We also specialize in exterior spaces, working to create the perfect signage, façade enhancements, walkways, and corridors that bring to life the past structure of your building and business.

This allows you to keep important remnants of the past in place, while still modernizing for the future. And best of all, our planning and implementation procedures take into account the daily flow of your business so we can minimize the costly downtime that often accompanies hospitality renovations.